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Let’s live life in joy and color!

Jennifer Visscher has been an interior designer, a non-profit founder, a real estate broker, and now she’s starting a new chapter of her life. Join her here as she shares her true life calling – creating colorful, bold, happy art as she contemplates how to stay positive and joyful in a crazy world.

Much like her creations, Jennifer is a work in progress – she embraces the importance of “letting go” and never dimming your light – it’s a messy process – there is nothing perfect here! To find the right balance she mixes in bold hues of self love with shades of self deprecation and then adds the final touch -a heavy hand of sparkle!

To join Jennifer in her latest endeavor, please make sure to follow the blog where she’ll share her latest art, discuss her creative process in the studio and in online classes, talk about starting anew again at 50, and how she works at happiness!

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