One Of A Kind Jewelry by Jennifer Visscher

We are so excited to launch our new earrings in the shop!

Jennifer has been busy creating dozens upon dozens of bright, bold, and of course ~ JOYFUL ~ earrings. Every pair is one of a kind and created by Jennifer from her abstract intuitive paintings.

The earrings start as a piece of paper that Jennifer paints with dabs, swirls, drips, and flowers. Once the original painting is finished she chops it up into circles and rectangles and finds “pairs” that coordinate but don’t match which creates a unique and whimsical pair of earrings. She then further embellishes the pieces by adding a touch of paint here, a bit of sparkle there to make sure the earrings look ~ just so.

Jennifer says that the most difficult part of the process is picking the backs – yes… the backs are original art too! The reason the backs seem so difficult is because she doesn’t want to delegate many of the shapes/designs to the back but make them the showcase. However, there must be pretty backs because when you wear them you get an occasional glimpse of the back so they absolutely must have her art on them too!

Once she has them sorted and matched (front and back) she glues them together and gilds the edges with gold paint before adding a glaze to the front side before adding the nickel free fish hook earrings in either gold or silver. They are then packaged onto a card and plastic earring backs added for extra safety while wearing. From that point they are placed into a cellophane bag with a “Live In Joy and Color” sticker included as well. They are ready for you to wear or gift! Each pair is $35 which includes shipping within the US and Canada.

If you don’t see the colors you are looking for, please send us a message and we’ll be on the lookout for just the right pair made from the latest painting!


One thought on “One Of A Kind Jewelry by Jennifer Visscher

  1. Gayle Cote says:

    Such interesting and exciting work you do! Enjoy all of the new ideas and color combos you do and the happiness you bring to life of others!

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