Loving Meeting The Local Community At Farmer’s Markets!

Choosing to create a business around my art has been the biggest challenge in my life to date. Deciding to go all in at the same time the lockdowns and pandemic hit was a blessing in many ways but also presented many challenges. The blessings came with a year to hunker down in my studio and paint and paint and paint which has led to my work really gelling. Would this have happened anyway? Probably but perhaps not in the time frame I was pushing for. One year of just focusing on creating seems like a big investment ~ and it has been ~ but I now see how imperative it was. Now I look at where I am with my work and I can say, “Yes – this is what I want to share with the world!” whereas before I liked my work but I just knew there was something missing. My vision and my essence was still in process.

The amazing feeling of having found my true expression is hard to describe. With it comes a confidence I’ve never experienced with my work and a true knowing that in time my vision and brand will reach the place I wish for it. Once I arrived at this place at the beginning of 2021 I started thinking of how to grow my brand with this new look and confidence. To get to the place I envision, it seemed like a herculean task. How does an artist create AND run a business? My step-daughter agreeing to be my business partner was the next piece of this very complex puzzle that I wouldn’t have even contemplated until this year because I again ~ didn’t have the vision “right” or the confidence to move forward. It feels like the stars are aligning now! So then the next challenge was how do we reach more people and grow a business with very little monetary investment especially now as things are still precarious for small businesses.

Well, the opportunity arose! I have to give credit to my brother Jason for looking into participating in our local Farmer’s Markets – it presented the perfect opportunity to test the market as a retailer and get feedback from customers first hand. We eventually want to wholesale my designs but that takes time and… money. Doing two markets a week from May to October will give us 49 opportunities to be in front of potential customers and I’m one of very few vendors who are selling something other than food. So far it’s been great and the tourists haven’t arrived yet! The responses have been so wonderful and are very encouraging that my art and products have a commercial viability! So now I need to be patient and let this summer and fall unfold so that the next steps can happen for 2022!

I just want to thank everyone who has supported us on this journey with love, support, kind words, social media shares, and purchases! You are our tribe, our collectors, our key to success and you are amazing!

All my love,

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