Key West House With A Pink Door

I had to paint this house.

Sometimes that happens with me but most of the time I just enjoy creating intuitively (meaning I just let my flowers and patterns come out as they come out – there is no plan typically.

This Key West House was a departure from that flow but one that I’m thrilled I decided to move from my thoughts onto the canvas. I am in absolute love with this painting. I may never part with it ~ we’ll see. But I have placed the image on a few items in my store! I know I should sell my original work but honestly it’s a difficult thing for me to let go of them which is a big part of why I’ve created this business the way I have with all the products and prints.

The house in this painting is actually a home in Key West – and it has a pink door – at least it did at the time it sold in the last year. I’d be so sad if the new owners painted the door color as the pink seems so perfect. I hope you enjoy seeing the process happen through the below photos. Please feel free to comment here and ask me any questions.

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