Do You Feel The Power of Color?

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Do you feel the power of COLOR?

Have you ever walked through a garden filled in streaming light, filtering through the trees but emanating from seemingly everywhere. The blooms! Alive with the sunshine – their glory abundant, their joy exuding from every petal. You can feel the power of our universe in moments like this.

Nature fills the senses.

Sight, smell, sound, touch… COLOR!!!.

Such moments of awe and delight make me question everything. There is so much power in the world around us if we just pay attention. A healer I see has taught me how important it is to take these moments. We too often stop being present in the moment. I used to not understand what that meant but I get it now. I have lived most of my life not living in the moment because I didn’t understand why it even mattered.  Now that I’m aware I still practice recognizing when I go into the mind-zone… that’s what I call it. You can get so lost up there! Here’s a quick way to shift into the moment – listen outside yourself. Get out of that “mind-zone” by shifting the senses and your observation of your surroundings You can listen (birds), feel (the breeze), or my favorite… feel the colors – really observe the hues and tones.

Boom! You are living in the moment!!!

These recent changes in me are moving me towards God – more and more everyday. I’m looking for how to have a conversation with this powerful feeling that is welling up. I no longer want to doubt (I can’t!) but I want to have my own experience. And, that’s ok.

What this is teaching me  is I need to create and I need to live a joyful life filled with bold, powerful color! Who else feels the power of COLOR? I’d love for you to comment and share with me how color makes you in awe of this awesome life or how you shift yourself into the moment.


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