Color is Jennifer’s biggest motivating factor in her work. In her 30’s health challenges caused her to lose her ability to be creative and see colors. That sounds odd, her eyes were still working… but the disease and all of the medications she was given to combat it, dulled and muted everything. This is so important to mention in her story and discuss in her process and philosophy because it was such a loss that she felt she was no longer herself. The long journey out of that dark place was the largest challenge she’s ever faced. 

After a diagnosis and getting treatment, the heaviness of the disease started to life. It was like a heavy fog had been covering everything and finally the sun was burning through and the colors were starting to appear little by little.

Once the fog was gone – a whole new world re-opened! Her friends – magenta, turquoise, deep golden yellow, grass green, and sky blue, were back by her side. Because of experiencing the loss, she now celebrates the colors!!!

In addition to using bright, bold colors, Jennifer loves to create with an imprecise-ness. Life is messy and complex and the ones and zeros of digital life are too perfect – they are causing us to lose our human-ness. Jennifer uses her original art to show the viewer the magic of the original piece over a print. The originals hold the magic of the maker! You can feel the mark, see the sparkle, experience the splash and drips in a way that isn’t conveyed the same through a print or digital image on a computer. 

Take a close look at her originals, notice the many juxtapositions. Fast bold initial strokes of color vs. the minute details. The matt sheen vs. the high gloss. Bleeding colors vs. controlled patterns. 

Jennifer also loves to innovate and experiment with materials. She’s creating small works on acrylic block that have to be reverse painted and has developed a unique way to hand paint oyster shells. Jennifer uses alcohol inks on raw canvas because it penetrates the fibers in a watercolor type fashion that she isn’t able to create in other ways. And, she’s bound and determined to create not only beautiful original fine art but to also design products with her art. Many say you can’t do both, but Jennifer is not deterred. To see how she translates her fine art into home decor, accessories, and fashion, please visit her webstore at