I believe that Art should be a force for good!

Over the years I have tried to find ways to use my creativity and color eye talents for helping people and organizations. It has often been a struggle for me to find the balance between gifting these talents and developing a business based on my creations and natural gift. In 2009 I embarked on my largest endeavor to use my “Art For Good” with the launch of a year long project called, “Art Apple A Day” which remains active in supporting a community of people who live with a disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. I loved the year long, once a day creativity of these pieces of apple art. It was a huge undertaking and challenge but one I hold close to my heart and is a big part of my story. After the apple year finished up I continued to create some apples during fund raising events for my favorite AS non-profit (one I founded) called Walk AS One.

There have been other small projects that I won’t outline here but the work I do under this philosophy is extremely rewarding!

I love to partner with non-profit organizations to help them raise funds. Please contact me if you have an opportunity for me to help an organization you know would be interested in developing an Art For Good project with me. It is best to plan at least 6 months ahead for scheduling!

I am also currently developing a personal Art For Good project called 1000 Hearts – more coming on that project soon!

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