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Hello and welcome to my online home!

This page is where I talk about myself – bear with me – if you are curious about my creative process, skip over to that page! Here goes…

I like to say that I am a “work in progress” – the term artists use for a piece that isn’t finished – because it is SO spot on true. Sometimes I’m stagnant – no creative sparks can be found. And sometimes, the big contrasts in life give us the most valuable insights which lead to a flurry of creative energy, productivity, and growth. I’m coming off a year of big contrasts that have awoken me to a new way; this new path.


From this awakening, I’m working on getting to the place where I find meaning and happiness in every day. It is a choice I’ve made to honor myself and the power and intricacies of the vast, complicated, and awe-inspiring universe. With this shift, I have found what feels like creative magic! (I’m laughing but it’s true!)

My Mom tells the story of a piece of art I did in kindergarten of an autumn tree. I can still see it in my mind’s eye and remember the positive reaction of teachers and family. From that early age I was an artist and life unfolded as you might think, I took classes to develop what I had a natural talent for and received my Bachelors in Fine Art from the University of Massachusetts. But then I lost all confidence and true passion for creating and bought in to the notion that I couldn’t make a living as a painter or maker.

Over the years since graduating from college I have dabbled here and there but pursued other career opportunities. I’ve have a career garden not a career path. I also had a number of years in my 30’s where I was challenged by a very difficult autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. Those years before finding a diagnosis and methods and medications that helped me get most of my ability back were bleak and grayed-out. The pain and disease took away my ability to be creative – the colors were just gone.

When I finally started feeling better I needed to share about what I had just gone through. I decided on a creative avenue to do so and launched a year long daily “art apple” 2D piece on a blog where I talked about the disease, the challenges, and the need for better diagnosis protocol. I somehow managed to create everyday for 365 days! This eventually led to the founding of a non-profit called Walk AS One that I’m so proud to have been a part of but in 2018 I needed to go back to my roots. The pull to devote myself to my creativity and art was SO strong but I was still trying to find my artistic identity so I spent a lot of time trying to talk myself out of it. In my 20’s it was a practical decision to not “be” and artist and as I approached my 50th Birthday the thought of this change seemed like a selfish one. I had also spent 5 years in Real Estate so the thought of giving up something that has real tangible income to the insecurities of an art business seemed inconceivable.

And then something big shifted in me…

I had no choice but to follow what I now absolutely believe to be my true life calling. There are many reasons I believe this shift – and deep, confident, knowing – happened. I will be blogging here about it so I hope you’ll follow me – I again feel called upon to share my life. I promise happiness, joy, positivity, and beautiful colorful images and art! I’m thinking the world needs more of that – I know I do!!!

Please feel free to contact me – I love hearing from people who are interested in my art or the ideas I share here.

Many blessings,

P.S. My full name (and website) is “Jennifer Visscher” but my friends and family call me Jenna – feel free to use either!