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1000 Hearts – Created with LOVE ~ Given in JOY!

Are you tired of all the vitriol and unhappiness that seems more prevalent since social media became such a large part of our lives? Me too!!! There are actually studies showing how emotions (even over the internet) are contagious. Our feeds on Facebook can even get tilted to the positive or negative based on what we’re seeing, liking, and how we’re commenting.

I started thinking about how to change my life so that I didn’t get so dragged down by negative things and I could enjoy a happier life and better social engagements. The bombardment of negativity through the news is another culprit – how do we stay informed but keep our emotions in a good place? It can often feel like you can’t possibly change your surroundings to shield yourself.

Here’s the thing… you have more power to do this than you might imagine!

That feeling of powerlessness is a limiting belief and it can rear its ugly head when we get bogged down in the insanity of social media and politics. I call it “getting caught up in the hooey”!

I wanted – no – needed, to make a very deliberate decision to make a change. I spent months thinking on how I was going to make this change. Part of it has happened in my dedication to creating my new art business here but I needed something that wasn’t about me but about others. Focusing on giving and gratitude ALWAYS makes me happy so I came up with the idea to paint, sew, or create in some fashion 1000 pieces of art of hearts to give away!!! I created 365 apples in 2010 and loved every moment but hearts seemed true to my…. heart… and a way to positively affect my life and eventually the lives of 1000 people in some small way.

1000 Hearts is what I’ve developed as a way to share my blessings with others and a way to find more LOVE and JOY in my life, I hope it brings both to you as well! 1000 Hearts will launch sometime in 2019. Until then, don’t get caught up in the hooey – happiness is contagious! Please make sure to sign up for my newsletter here to stay informed on the latest news of this new endeavor!

Thank you to everyone who inspires me everyday to live happy!