Spread Your Wings – Fly Free!

Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly!  ~Author Unknown

Why are we so drawn to fairies and enchanted forests? Perhaps it is the delicate shimmering gossamer wings full of possibilities and destinations unknown. Or, perhaps it is the hidden worlds nestled in the nooks and crannies of moss covered trees that are magically there for the realm of the fae yet hidden to us mere mortals.

In exploring the woods behind our house, my Sweet P and I are creating worlds, castles, and stories for our winged friends. With our adventures we are connecting to a love of nature and beauty and spreading our wings – learning to fly freely and be ourselves with the knowledge that we are hidden from the world outside.

With these ideas swirling around in my mind I decided to create a miniature painting of a fairy. She is in a forest released from a cage of her own making – finally flying free. I’ve placed this bitty illustration in a deep frame, sprinkled glitter on her delicate shimmery wings and imbued this “Little Jewel”  with my wishes for you or for the person who receives her. I wish you freedom and flying and a mystery world full of sparkle and joy. The painting is to be placed in a special spot where your mind settles at the end of the day or gets excited for the day ahead. I hope she is a reminder to “fly free” and never forget that you can! Today’s Little Jewel also comes with a pendant with your original illustration so that you may carry her with you when you need her strength and love (or mine, or yours as the giver of her as a gift) She is to be given to yourself or someone else with these truths, with these intentions, with these powers.

Spread your wings my friend and let the fairy in you FLY!

Today’s Little Jewel is a 3″x 3″  original pen & ink with watercolor, metallic wings, and glitter accents in a box frame that can stand on its own on a table or shelf (frame measures 4.75″h x 4.75″ wide x 1.5″d  & a printed pendant and chain with metallic wings. 

Price for both is $50 plus $5.50 shipping. There is only one of this package described above.


To purchase only a pendant for $20

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my first of many “Little Jewels” to come. Please make sure you’ve signed up for my blog posts so that you’ll receive an email when they are published. These are special things – one of a kind – from me to you.

Love, joy, and sparkle!







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