A Flower Blossoms For Its Own Joy!


A flower blossoms for its own joy! – Oscar Wilde

Hello everyone!

I’ve haven’t posted in awhile as life got very busy and complicated there for a bit but I’m happy to report that things have leveled out and returned to a place where I can focus on making art once again!

Lately I’ve been making pieces to take to the local farmer’s market here in Portland, Maine. I started with a radish and a tomato drawn in a botanical illustrative line drawing manner and then digitally adding pattern and color and what FUN I’ve been having with this new approach! Ok, not totally new – I’ve been playing with this some but I feel I’ve taken it to a new level and one I’m just adoring. When an artist “hits” something that causes the feeling of giddy happy and you can’t wait to create the next thing then you know you are in the zone! I’m in the zone baby!

I’ll share the veggies I’ve mentioned once I have a series of them to put up together but I just had to stop and create some cut flowers in a jar. At this time of year it seems we see these spring beauties on window sills, picnic tables, and anywhere we can bring their joy of blossoming – inside. They may bloom for their own joy but once they do they extend their nature to all who come within their view.

Until next time – make sure YOU blossom for your own joy – for you will spread it to all you see!


I will be at the Saturday Portland Farmer’s Market on and off throughout the summer. Come stop by and say hello!


Honoring Commitment & Marriage

“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do…but how much we put in that action.” – Mother Teresa

On April 10th my husband Doug and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary!

LockOfLoveFence_JenniferVisscherWe have never been much on extravagant displays or purchases especially ones that are used to convey love. I love finding or creating a gift that “feels just right.” You know the feeling of giving something that you know has been thought over or run across somewhere where you say to yourself, “YES, that is the right gift!” Contrast that to the item purchased in a rush that can feel settled upon. I continue to try to purchase gifts when I find something just so or create when I can but I have a very difficult time holding onto that gift until the day it is supposed to be given. Does anyone else do this? Then I end up struggling to find a gift for the specific occasion! Oy! I’m working on my approach to giving gifts but some people always seem to hit the right note.

Anyway, back to our anniversary…OurLock_JenniferVisscher

In Portland there is a love lock fence that happened organically most likely modeled after the one in Paris. I love the idea behind a love lock – a commitment is created by two people locking their love around a permanent fence and throwing away the key (in this case into the water of the harbor below!) In passing one day I said I’d love to put a lock on this local fence. I guess Doug filed that for later because at Christmas I opened a gift of a Master Lock! This to me was the perfect example of a gift with meaning and value but not a big price – my favorite kind! Once we realized we would be spending our anniversary in the area it only made sense that we would put the lock up on a day suited for such a thing. I put some paint on the lock to help us distinguish it in the coming years when we happen to walk by but it needed… something. And then it hit me – it needed some glitter! And my lovely husband just shook his head and said, “of course it needed glitter” and laughed –  knowing me, getting me.

LockingOurLove_JenniferVisscherHere is our lock of love! We sealed it with a kiss and vowed to place another lock on the fence in another 10 or 15 years. I don’t care if to others it might seem trite or predictable – not for you to say! For us it struck… just the right note!

This was a way to honor us. To honor one another. To honor our commitment and our love and mark the day in a way that worked beautifully for us. We need to find the time for such things in life for we are richer for these mini ceremonies and dedications.

As for a gift from me to my husband on our anniversary – I’m still looking.



Until I see you all again, live in joy & color… and LOVE!





The Earth Laughs In Flowers

“The earth laughs in flowers” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


I love to create and tend a garden.

I am so very ready for spring – aren’t you? Since we moved to Maine last July this will be our first spring in our new home. There is much to do and much to discover and we await it with baited breath as the chill in the air holds on still.

I feel a huge sense of accomplishment in watching my vegetable garden come to life. Eating foods you have sown, tended, and picked feels real. It feels right to me and it is a hobby that keeps me active, intrigued, and engaged. But I plant flowers to see the pallet and texture of a composition come to life. I thrill when the first buds start to appear in the spring and I feel like the perennials who come back to visit me each year, thriving a bit more with time and care, become my friends. I speak to them – in my mind anyway as I walk past, “Hello Ms. Butterfly Bush, your purple is looking especially vibrant today!” And,”Ooh Hollyhock, I’m sorry to hear you are having such a bad case of the grasshoppers.” Flowers are joy and love and laughter.

Pick a posy; laugh with the earth!

Until tomorrow.




Making A Barn Quilt

I love pattern! I’ve loved creating patterns since my first design class in college where we learned about repeats and various pattern creation methods. In creating an artful and colorful pattern – there is something for the logical and analytic side of my brain. While researching patterns I came across barn quilts and the love affair commenced! I had already been dreaming of outdoor art – brought on by our new home in Maine being on a fairly busy road and having a perfect blank wall up near the road that can be seen from quite a distance away. My brain rushed ahead to turning our barn into a gallery and gift shop and living out my fantasy of being an artist/shopkeeper/designer all in one home location!

I’m good at rushing ahead but have learned as I’ve gotten a teensy bit older that I need to reel myself in and plan. Planning isn’t my strong suit but I’ve been trying to do just that since last fall. And as life goes, things came up and life has to be adjusted to. I did manage however, to paint my first quilt and my brother, husband, and dad planned out and hung a frame on the side of the house that I can switch out new pieces as they are created!

Here are the photos of painting and hanging the quilt. We even put a spotlight on it so you can see it at night! How cool is that!

If you live in Maine, take a drive northwest on Falmouth Road and you will see my quilts on the side of our house. We’re right before the turn off for Allen Avenue! Who knows, maybe someday in the future you’ll see a sign that says, “Outdoor Art” and an open flag flying!

Until tomorrow,