A Kaleidoscope Makes For Tricky Reflection

Full Disclosure:  I wrote this post FIVE months ago and never published it. Now as the new year quickly approaches I was looking back to why I stopped blogging here for so long. I don’t have any answers yet. Many of you know I also turned off Facebook in the beginning of November and haven’t reappeared there – yet. I have been reflecting and I’ve needed space and time. This has been a tricky endeavor. I have no placid depths to lean over and peer into to see my life looking back at me. My reflecting surface is a jumble of images, a kaleidoscope. Isn’t that just so crazy – me! It it also means I have quite a process to go through to get to a place where I’m ready to forge ahead. So please know I am ok. I am ok. (stated twice to convince us all) I just need a little bit more time to sort out what got me to here and what and how I want to structure – there. Seems interesting that this post makes so much more sense to post today with all that I’ve been going through. Meant to be!


BarnQuilt003_August2014_JenniferVisscher2 BarnQuilt_August2014_JVisscher3 BarnQuilt_April2014_JVisscher3








“Our souls need time to think, dream, and reflect.” – Jo Ann Davis

“Life is an ever shifting kaleidoscope: A slight change and all patterns alter.” – Sharon Salzberg


Yesterday evening my brother Jason and my husband Doug installed my latest outside art piece. I was so excited to share with my friends and family this piece I’d been working on for about a month – from conception to execution. So, I did what we do these days and posted a few snapshots to my Instagram and Facebook accounts! I loved most all of the comments but one acquaintance said, “It’s just so cute because you have a very cute Maine house. Wouldn’t look so good on some homes out here in California.” Ah, always a critic when you are an artist! But she did get me thinking and reflecting.

I was thinking about if we were still in Colorado would I be making these new quilt pattern inspired pieces – and the answer was no. I believe artists are very affected by their surroundings and environment. I am for sure and it was a huge reason why I was dying to move home to Maine. My heart and my creative spirit needed to be – here. I couldn’t feel it – there, I wasn’t in the right creative place. There was a reason I was not inspired to create western art – it was not where my heart wanted to go creatively. So although this might be art that appeals regionally at least I now live where it fits and my muse surrounds me!

A Kaleidoscope operates on the principle of multiple reflection (through the use of mirrors) but the kaleidoscope I just created produced reflection of many other sorts. 


Peace, love, joy and COLOR!



If you are interested in an outside art piece (or one for inside) please contact me.



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